Wells Classroom Discipline


A student gives a teacher the finger in class. He is sent to the principal's office. At no time is the student told that what he did was "wrong," but instead that it was "inappropriate." 30 minutes later, he is back in class, ruining the education of the other students. Later, the student's mother comes down to school and angrily demands of the principal, "Well, what did your teacher do that made my child give her the finger?"

Is there a way to survive? Yes, not only survive, but thrive. No more stressful days, no more going home with your self-respect under siege, and no more conflicts with students, parents or administrators. Subs will love your class because they, like you, will be treated with dignity by your students.

You deserve respect. Get it. Coming to DVD.


Classroom Management Techniques That Aren't Foolish Or Naive, And Create Better Students And People.

Scott Wells served as a judge from 1999 through 2006 for the Walt Disney Teacher Awards. He is a 1998 Disney Teacher Award Winner and lives in Long Beach, California. He has taught middle, elementary, high school, and college.





"If you made a DVD, it would be an awesome bestseller."

Teacher, Washington Middle School on discipline in-service by Scott Wells


"What you said was more relevant to teaching than any other in-service I have been to."

Teacher, Jefferson Middle School


"The absolute BEST presentation ever. You should be the PRESIDENT!"

Teacher, Addams Elementary School